The Addiction Continues...

I tried so hard to stay away from it - for you guys! I swear I tried! And I had been doing SO WELL, I hadn't picked up the stuff all summer long.

But then it happened. I was sitting at home contemplating if I should finish up a chapter when I decided I would watch a quick movie first. I mean it WAS a lazy sunday, why not enjoy it to it's fullest??

And that's when I saw it, out of the corner of my eye, sitting there wanting, nay PLEADING with me to pick it back up and use it.
"It's been so long," it said.
"I know, I know," I replied, "but if I come close to you I won't be able to stop and I have to get these chapters done ASAP. People are depending on me…THE WORLD IS DEPENDING ON ME!" (Over-dramatic much?!)
"But didn't you have fun with me as well? Just one, it'll be quick and easy."

And this is when I started to crumble, it WOULD be easy - so easy. And no one would know, would they?!

And I dived head first into a K-drama. And OH it was everything that I have missed these past few months that I have been keeping myself away (so as not to stretch myself TOO thin with the hobbies). The drama wasn't even the best, but I didn't care! (It was Lie to Me for anyone interested.) It had all the wonderful elements to drama-land: ROMANCE, COMEDY, LOVE-TRIANGLES, PIGGY-BACK RIDES, AND BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ABOUND!!!!

So here I sit, after marathoning something that I really don't have time to marathon and feeling both better and MUCH worse for it. Because I sit and look at the other drama's I've missed and go - maybe just one more…

I've got problems.

I wanted to ask everyone's opinions on how you get your updates. Would you like me to start a Twitter or Facebook page to put up our release updates? Honestly it's not something that I necessarily use, but I notice a lot of you young'ins like those new-fangled things like THE twitter and such. So just let me know what you think or vote in the poll to the right. Thanks! ;)

Also, we're going to be adding some new authors to the site - so look forward to other people's chatter besides me! I know you are all super-excited from the prospect~ XD Also do vote/leave a comment to tell me if you want the whole updates thing or not. And you could also just leave a message saying how much you adore us - really it won't kill you will it?  ;)
Love you guys and be well!

Edit: Quick update since I wrote up this post, I've already dove into another drama (My Princess) and am currently searching for a new one. So any suggestions? Pretty much anything that was made after May of this year I def. haven't seen. I was thinking City Hunter or maybe Miss Ripley? The ticket for today is craving. Gotta feed the addiction!


1. Ano Ko to Issho volume 02 chapter Extra - Suki Suki - As our summer draws to a close, here's a sweet story of a summer love.

2. Ano Ko to Issho volume 03 chapter 08 - It's a double-feature! Not much Ena in this chapter, but that doesn't mean the drama stops!

3. Colorful Pallet volume 03 chapter 10 *NEW* - New project! We are picking up where J-Sis left off. If you would like to download the first two volumes, you can find them here. Also starting tomorrow we have a new author to our site - be sure to welcome her! :)

If you are an uploader and are currently reading this message, please I beg of you, just don't upload. Just think every time you break the rules urdzy has to spend editing time enforcing rules, so please think of urdzy.


  1. Thanks so much for the new releases of Ano Ko to Issho!
    I easily get sucked into dramas too. I'm currently watching Summer's Desire, and it's incredibly good. It's based off of the manhua Show Princess, but it was released last year so you have probably already seen it.

  2. URDZY-MAMA! ♥

    - 49 Days (Beautiful drama.)
    - Scent of a Woman (With your favorite actress!!)
    - I Need Romance (Hilarious drama.)
    - Twinkle Twinkle (with MY favorite actress! :P)

    Drama addicts unite! lol And I saw you on the new release mods list, congrats! Approve my releases for me please. :P

    Love, Starchy.

  3. AHAHAHAHA!! I had a feeling you were referring to kdramas, cos I just got myself into them after taking a break too! I've been watching Scent of a Woman. SO GOOD. I heard City Hunter was awesome. I'd started watching Best Love/The Greatest Love but work got hectic and I never did pick it back up. I will though, so I recommend it, if you enjoy Hong Sisters dramas (Did you ever see My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho?--if not, DO IT).

    Thank you for letting me indulge on my addictions! It's so refreshing to know that you're a fan too! And thank you for the releases! Ano ko to Issho's one of my faves. Oh happy day! Kdrama and manga: my favorite addictions! By the way, do you also listen to kpop? ^_^

  4. Haha, I totally agree that kdramas can be so addictive xD As for the one you should watch right now, that would definitely be City Hunter!
    Oh and of course, I do adore your work :D Thanks so much for your dedication^^

  5. did you know there's an Ouran drama currently ongoing? KizunaFS are subbing it. it is fantastic. i mean, it takes the manga and anime and all the cracky-weird manga/anima effects and superimposes them on live-action. it is SO over the top cracked out absurd that i can't help but love it. i mean, there's a scene in the first ep where the main guy winks and not only are there cg sparklies (one even shoots from his eye!), but there's a kirakira sort of sound effect.

    of course, whether this is to your taste depends on whether you love when the dramas are over the top cliché fests, the way I do.

  6. Thank you for new releases!!!
    I only saw MARS. I liked it.

  7. looking forward to this piece!!!!!

  8. URDZY! You make me wanna go leave uni and immerse in K-dramas forever T_T

  9. Waaah! So many good options - thank you everyone for your input! XDD

    @Anonymous Honestly I haven't watched many dramas other than Kdramas. The last cdrama I watched was Romantic Princess (and that was for my first love Wu Chun <3 ). But I've been interested in starting Show Princess *manhua*(been waiting for it to be closer to completion) so instead of waiting maybe I'll dive into this!
    Thank your for the recommendation!

    @StarlightDreamsWaaaa! Mai-face! ^^
    I didn't even know that Kim Sun-ah came out with something new!! +_____+
    Love you forever for remembering!!!!

    We should have a sub-section - The DAA (Drama Addicts Anon) We could even have weekly meetings! But really I fear that having a group of us with weekly meetings wouldn't help alleviate, but only increase the addiction!

    Thank you for the congrats, although really with how many people are on, I still haven't approved any (but my own) - ah well. =D

    @RexyScent of a Woman is sounding better and better! ;)
    And I didn't know the Hong Sisters had another out too! (another quickly gets added to the list)

    Kpop - I did for awhile, I intensely followed allkpop and for awhile I loved The Piggy Dolls...but then when I started to weed through my hobbies (because really it's REALLY hard to have so many + have two toddler/pre-school age kids) that was one of the first to go.

    @AmmyWould you say to watch it more for story or for the oh-so-handsome Lee Min-ho?
    OH! And while looking for stills of the oh so pretty man I saw that Park Min-young and him are dating?!
    There goes my 'if I was a single-lady' fantasies... T__T

    @keriI didn't! That's awesome!!
    I love my cheezy dramas!! :)
    I looked at some pictures - does it throw you off that his hair isn't blonde?

    @ОльгаWhew! I bet Mars is a whole lotta drama!

    @FayeYes! Join the addicts brigade!
    I mean - no, no no!!! Be a good student, and then join during winter break! mwahaha! :)

  10. Urdzy! WEEKLY MEETINGS? XD I'd be up for that. My addiction is getting too big to stop, it's pointless to resist now. :'p hahah, and Scent of a Woman is AWESOME, I'm addicted every week!
    And yeah, a HUGE group of release mods were added, I was pushed aside because I can't be in two user groups at once, dammit! xD (Though I applied so I won't have to wait to approve my own releases and people always ask me to approve their releases when I can't! xD)
    As for City Hunter, I haven't watched it, I was waiting for it to be complete first, but I never really got around to it, but from what I've heard from a lot of people, it was really really good and awesome, so I will dive into it eventually also.


  11. Have you watched Secret Garden?? I know it's pretty old (like last year..) but I just got into it and it's fantastic!! If you like cute and fluff..My girlfriend is a Gumiho is funny and cute..:3 I'm not one to watch too much drama cause I'm afraid it'll take over what little life I already have left from anime & manga...T-T

  12. @SanakanCome and join the addicts! It'll be good for you ;)
    And yeah, those were part of the last bunch that I watched before I put dramas up for the summer ^^

  13. Thank you for picking up Colorful Pallet!!!

  14. im sorry but i read this post plenty of times and i dont see any password

  15. @urdzy

    Lol~ how can being an addict be any good?? :P Seriously, if I join...I will have no life...XD

  16. @SanakanPshh- having a life is so overrated. ^.~

  17. @urdzy Haha!~ I think so too sometimes...:P

  18. i cant find de password sniff sniff

  19. this is ridiculous... i normally find/guess the password after reading the text but its turned into something with no sense what-so-ever...

  20. I`m sad... no matter how may times I read the post I can`t figure out where the glue for the password is...
    And i cant ask for any tips... what am I suposed to do? T_T

  21. @Anonymous You absolutely should check out city Hunter. It was the most amazing drama I have ever seen. Lee Min ho did an phenomenal job. I would recommend it to anybody:)


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