Weird Restaurants?

So, I was watching this show on TV called Weirdest Restaurants in the world or something like that. And they showed a restaurant in Tokyo, Japan where the whole theme is Alice in Wonderland! Omg, why have I not seen this before?? (Btw, what is with Japan and their fascination of Alice in Wonderland? It's everywhere! And by everywhere, I mean manga and a lot of their fanarts.)

I am so going to there! If, I have the time that is~ I mean, look at the picture! The details! They say even the food they serve are all Alice in Wonderland type deco~ Oh, and if you want to find out the picture and it will take you to a blog post about it. Any other cool and quirky places you think I should visit?:D

I hope you guys didn't forget about my Japanese-themed passwords~ So, this time I'm going to change it around a bit. So, just pick whichever answer you think is right and that is the password~ (sort of like a multiple choice question!) You may be surprised at the answer, I can sort of guess what everyone's first choice is~XD

Q: What is the most popular pet for Japanese people to keep?
Pick: cat/dog/little bird/fish

Flower volume 03 chapter 08: [Psst, just copy and paste whichever you think is the answer....or try all four!:P]
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  1. This restaurante is wicked!! so cool!
    Thank you for the release!

  2. YAY! Love FLOWER...thank you so much for another chapter!


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