to vegan, or not to vegan...

For awhile now because of certain health issues I've been on a really restrictive diet. It includes low sodium, no dairy, no red meat/pork, no liquids (other than water), etc etc.
So after hearing about Forks Over Knives I thought why not just take the plunge? The only thing it would really effect is my chicken-lovin' self. And I'm pretty sure I can live without least I think. ^^;;

So I'm just tossing it out there to see if any of you have tried/are veganism? Did you find that your general health/energy/outlook brightened? Do you have any major complaints about it? 

ALSO! (Ignore the upcoming blah-blah-ness)

After the last post I had quite a few of you text/email me about the password. And for the most part the people asking for it were nice about it all. But then of course I get the hate mail - and overall I've chosen to ignore this because with anything you're gonna get angry people. (Haters wanna hate, Lovers wanna love, I don't even want, None of the above...ah I love you Dave Chappelle!)

But I would like to remind everyone (aka you overly angry people) that I'm not leaving you up shit creek. There's not only our very own online reader (which obviously gets updated before ANY other reader), but also we periodically post the passwords, AND in that same post I had put up a contest for anyone to enter and you wouldn't have to deal with the passwords. But do you know how many people entered? None. That's right, not one single person. And really, I don't care that no one entered, it's really not that big of deal to me. But since some of you feel personally wronged and feel that we're giving you no options we'll open that contest up again. Go to this page to find out the details - contest ends a month from now. 



1. Raspberry Field no Majo volume 02 chapter 06 - Thanks again to our joint parters Aerandria for their hard work!

2. Zig Zag Don volume 05 chapter 22 - Waaaah! It's my childhood dream room! So any guesses on what the last BIG secret might be?

3. Para Paru volume 04 chapter 16 - What is the meaning of the seahorse?!! (page 27)

4. Hyper Baby volume 03 chapter 11 - Who doesn't love Peter's little monkey butt? XD

5. *new* Koi no Surisasu chapter 01 - Poor Russell Crowe! urdzy will forever love you - don't worry! (。・ω・。)ノ♡ First chapter of our new project! And in case you're wondering, it's from the same lovely author of Kuragehime~ enjoy!

If you are an uploader and are currently reading this message, please I beg of you, just don't upload. Just think every time you break the rules urdzy has to spend editing time enforcing rules, so please think of urdzy. This is the word you're looking for - CloverD


  1. I suppose there was a point in life when I wanted to try being fully vegan as I don't generally eat as much meat as even people who aren't vegans--don't like chicken, red meat, and have problems with ham. Admittedly, I'm such a picky eater that veganism didn't work out for me and I didn't see much difference in my health, energy, and outlook--tried to hold onto it for approximately 2 years.

    I think it just depends on the person. Trying it out is your best bet, though, whether you will be able to resist the urge to eat some chicken...we'll only time will tell. :)

    (I love the picture you've used there, by the way.)

    And now, thank you for all the hard work on these releases. I'll be trying out the new series! :)

    P.S. I love the whole password hunting. I always get excited. I sometimes just look for them even if I'm not reading any of the series released. XD

    Thanks again! I hope your health improves!

  2. Because I keep kosher, I tend to go vegan anytime I travel somewhere with really limited kosher options. I've found it's a great way to lose weight, but that the food tends to be rather bland unless I stumble on an Indian place. I also cook a lot of vegan stuff at home 'cause I like how it tastes and that most recipes are pretty quick and easy to throw together, but I constantly play with ingredients and spices.

    I like the crazy password hunts, even when they drive me a little bit batty. I think they're cute, harmless, and even kind of fun.

  3. Sorry if the complaints might have tweeked you the wrong way. I mean, I haven't had a problem with the passwords up till now. It was just the last post that gave me a real problem because nothing seemed to really stand out, and I kept posting every word that looked remotely plausible, I really did. But it was surprisingly short and to that point, with nothing that looked really extravagant that I could identify any differences, which threw me for a loop this time. I hope by now that the mere presence of a password hunt would discourage the reading sites, so that maybe there might be just a tiny hint this time for what is a puzzle that has really stumped me this time, and one where I have no problems admitting I really need the help :(

    Also I have no real editing skills so I don't think I'm a good fit for the credit page contest unfortunately. If the password is posted later though then I'll wait, though I hope it won't be until the new year or something like *joking*

    Thanks again for reading through this, and I just want to extend my heartfelt gratitude in any event for the work all of you have been doing until now, and to reassure you that I do in fact appreciate that. I don't want to be seen as complaining just for the sake of complaining but to let you know I really am having a problem figuring it out this time.

  4. @xLilim You were able to do it for 2 years?! That's amazing! I'm gonna try - I can't really say if it'll work out well or not, but here's hoping. But I do love my grilled chicken with good! And grilled veggies with salsa...chips and salsa...maybe I just love salsa *mmmmm!*

    Isn't Gong Hyo Jin and Ha Jung Woo the best! They make me so happy~ XD

    Thank you for the well wishes! :)

  5. @story645 Oh geeze I love indian food! If I could I would pay someone to live with me if they would cook it for me every day. Ahhhh~ just thinking about chicken tikka masala and saag paneer with some naan.....commence mouth water...
    Unfortunately, the nearest indian food restaurant is about 2 hours away.
    Why do I live in the middle of nowhere?!

    If you have any recipe sites that you go to, would you mind sharing? *.*

  6. @KrimzonStriker Oh no! It's not you, or you comments that I'm talking about. ^^;;

    I understand that people get curious/frustrated and asking/saying so isn't the problem I'm talking about.

    It's more of people that email me/leave messages that are more along the lines of - "F you, stupid ____ _____! You should rot in hell! I...." Yakitty-blah-blah

    Pretty much it's the profanity/entitlement that irks me.

    So yeah! Not you - you're fine ^^
    Sorry if I made you feel bad~ >.<

  7. thanks for the releases and best wishes for your diet and if you have time to do walks it's the best way for a good health (20 Mn by day)

  8. I wasn't vegan, but I was a vegetarian for 2.5 years, and I definitely felt like I had more energy. Then again, I was also 18 years old, and those crazy kids always have energy... I'd do it again, but my current job kinda makes it hard (I'm a line cook), and honestly, now that I've gone back to eating meat, turning my back on stuff like Peking duck, braised pork belly, and foie gras would be freakin' difficult.

  9. Thanks as always for the awesome releases^^ Actually I'm always looking forward to the password hunt since your posts are always fun to read :) Just ignore those haters^^
    As for veganism ... I'm generally a meat (esp. steaks) person, so the longest I could go without meat, milk and so on would be a week XD Although I must admit that some years back I enjoyed a really great meal at a buddhist temple.

  10. Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the releases, as always :)

  11. Thanks a lot for this new release, again a nice work. Thanks for bringing us all those chapters.

    As for the password I think it's fun to look for it this way you feel you kinda gain the right to read the chapter ;)even if it sometimes drives you crazy to look for it, in the end if you read the text carefully you get the clue.

  12. Hehe, I guess my reading comprehension is poop, because I have such an awful time trying to look for passwords. :3 Oh well, I'm patient. XD Thank you for the release even if I can't read it yet <3

  13. I'm vegan and I have been began since i'm 10 years old (I'm 22 now) Believe me, it's possible and healthier.

  14. @urdzy
    I mostly type whatever dish comes into my head and whatever ingredients I have on hand into google and choose whatever seems most workable. I just started looking for Indian stuff and wasn't totally thrilled with the recipe I found (I made samosas and was looking for dough recipies.) As for other things, I really like and for Japanese food (though you may not need sites for that), has some cool soup recipes, and has some cool recipes for spiced french fries (and it's focused on gluten/sugar/allergy free stuff) and is focused on vegetarian stuff. Also, if you're in the States, Trader Joes sells the best dairy free bittersweet chocolate chips.

  15. @Anonymous Thank you! Right now I'm in the midst of training for a 10 k. I don't go out every day, but I try to get out at least 3 -4 times a week. ^^

  16. @Rexy Then again, I was also 18 years old, and those crazy kids always have energy...

    Lol - I was just talking to my hubby about how I just feel tired all the time, and he commented about how I wasn't getting any younger and I can't expect to have energy since I'm so old. =.=

    Waaah~ I'm so jealous of your job! *wipes drool off of chin*
    Except for foie gras - I've really tried to like it, but there's something about the texture that throws me off and I just can't make myself like it.

  17. @AmmyAlthough I must admit that some years back I enjoyed a really great meal at a buddhist temple.

    Oh really? Where did you travel to?
    And you're welcome! Hope you liked them! :)

  18. @story645 These are awesome - thank you so much!
    I love the ones with pictures, I'm such a visual person that without pictures 9 times out of 10 I'll fail. T.T

    I am excited about making some banana donuts~

    Erg. I'm hungry now...

  19. Thanks for the releases!

  20. No idea how to find passwords. as far as I've read they should be in the comments section, but isn't..
    I guess it's for winners only.

  21. Oh my god!! I just want to let you know that I love KoiSuri!!! I haven't laughed this hard for days... so yeah, many thanks for picking KoiSuri <3<3

  22. Hi, Im from argentina and you know, its a little dificult to me read in english and try to find the password, but Its fun. With my husband spend time reading your post, he get excited everytime you make a release of one of the proyect I follow. So thank you for exercise our brains.
    See ya,
    An chan!

  23. I really hope you feel better! And thank you so much for not punishing all of us for some rotten apples behavior you're so mature @3@ I think I just might have a new role model teehee x3

  24. I really hope you feel better soon. Just like you, I had to do an overall change of how I chose my meals. First, I started out as a Vegetarian. Then I dabbed into Veganism (because I love Seitan) and mostly right now, I'm just more a Vegetarian.

    I wish you success in your new way of eating/living. :)

  25. thank you for all your hard work, i love your mangas specially ZZD, this time i'm still clueless about the password, just a little question, is a word or two? that will help me a lot, anyway i wish goo luck with the veganism

  26. To be honest, it's probably the full out frustration of having spent 15-20+ minutes hunting for a password and coming up cold again and again. Not to be rude, but it irks the hell out of me that I spend time reading and reading for the mysterious password. It's time that I will not get back again on this mortal coil and I could have been doing something semi-productive, rather than graying my hair looking for a password. I know some people like it, from above comments, but it's tiring. And, this posting, despite the hint up top to go to last posting, doing CTRL+F and "password" does not search up a password. SO, to be fair, I could see that this would cause a lot of resentment and anger, which would breed a lot of cussing.

    Well, but it's your release, so w/e. I don't HAVE to read the chapter. My life, being finite, cannot be spent on stressing over something trivial like this. Or, really, I could read it online... if I was so inclined and didn't hate online readers oh so much. I'd rather live without, really. BUT - I'm not hating you for it. After all, it's your policy. Doesn't mean I shouldn't be semi-resentful about my time spent, though. No one likes that.

    And that, really, is where the sense of entitlement and cussing comes from. It's like standing in line for hours and then discovering they've sold out. That sort of feeling.

    They're not right to cuss you out for it, but, be fair... frustration makes a$$holes of us all.


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