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Recently took a trip to Las Vegas for the first time and all I can say is that I have mixed feelings about Sin City. On the one hand, everything is just so glamorous there...the people, buildings, the casinos...I loved it. But, if like me, you detest the smell of cigarette smoke anywhere near will not enjoy it at all. It is EVERYWHERE! ...I felt like my lifespan depleted 10 years from just standing in a smoke-filled room for 10 minutes. XD

Okay, all exaggeration aside...I would like to advise anyone visiting Las Vegas for the first time to always be aware of your belongings. It is called 'Sin City' for a reason..XD Okay, okay, I know that there is a just as good a chance to get your stuff stolen just about anywhere BUT, mine was stolen in like...record time...I stuck my stuff in a corner to play a slot machine and walked away after finishing and not more than a few meters away, forgot I had left my stuff at the corner, turned around to get it and it was GONE! Yes, I was sad and mad at whoever took it....good thing it wasn't anything expensive..*sigh* Getting stuff stolen is a sure way of ruining a holiday least for me...:(

Another thing to be sad about is the last release I have of the manga Flower. If you have read the last chapter I released for this manga, this is the side story....enjoy! Now excuse me while I put this title in the dropped projects list...*sniff*

Password: None again, I was lazy~

Flower volume 06 extra:
Download || Read Online

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  1. The extra was really heart-warming! And I'm sorry to hear about your item getting stolen. :( Hopefully the overall experience in Last Vegas was pleasant despite that happening.

    1. Glad you liked it!:) Yea~ I'll probably forget the whole incident in a dew years and would want to go again...;)

  2. I love Sin has its own beauty...and you have to accept it for what it is. But I'm sorry your stuff got stolen.

    Thanks so much for doing Flower, I'm sad to see it put on the shelf again, but I always hope one day someone else will do some more chapters. And I appreciate all you've done on it.

    1. I totally understand~ I enjoyed myself over there... But I taught I was already being very cautious about my belongings...guess it wasn't enough..XD

      You're welcome, thanks for reading!

  3. sorry to hear about what happened...but I hope all the rest of the trip was worth it!
    Thank you for the release!


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