My Manga Reading List 3

Sensei Kunshu
By: Kouda Momoko
    I especially love this manga.  Once again its about a student/teacher relationship, but it's cute not gross.  I don't know why I like this genre, because in real life that's just nasty.  Weird, huh?  I also seem to have a thing for jerky guys in manga.  Anyways, I like the artwork and the characters.  Artwork plays a huge role in my picking a series and this series does it well.  Currently there are 6 volumes (volume 6 just came out) and it serializes in the magazine Betsuma Margaret.
    Also.....  We could still use a lot of help getting the manga out for your reading pleasure.  Please inquire about any position you would like to learn or already know. ^_^  FYI, the next series I'd like to finish up is Piece.  I know this is a monster of a series with the chapters being like 100 pages each, but I would like to see it start moving.  AND don't worry Para Paru and Anoko are still being worked on, albeit very slowly...  PLEASE HELP US! T_T

New Releases!
Bitou Lollipop v06c26
Bitou Lollipop v06c27
Bitou Lollipop v06c28


  1. Thanks for Bitou Lollipop! And for working hard!

  2. thanks for bitou lollipop! tomoyo in recent chapters is killing me D:

  3. thank you all so much for not leaving it on a cliffhanger and releasing 3 chapters!

  4. Thanks for your hard work! o/

  5. Thank you!!

  6. Thank youuu!!!


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