My Manga Reading List 5

By: Ikuemi Ryou
    I found this little gem while I was wondering around in a Kinokuniya Bookstore.  Man, I love that bookstore!  I wish I had one where I live...  Any who, this is a cute manga series.  I only read volume 1, but I liked what I read and SURPRISE it has nothing to do with crushes on teachers. XD  
    It serialized in the magazine Cookie and has a total of 7 volumes.  On a bummer note, if you can't read kanji without furigana you'll have a hard time with this one.  For some reason Cookie no longer has furigana in it's manga.  Keep trying though it's well worth the effort!!
New Releases!
Bitou Lollipop v06c29
Ano Ko to Issho v07c24


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