Hey guys,

    I just wanted to update everyone about the website.  I recently went through and updated the site, so all the dead links are now fixed.  However, as you'll find out, all the links now send you to the online reader.  There will be no more download links.  It's just too much of a pain to keep fixing dead links, not to mention time consuming uploading the chapters again and again.  I'm sorry if this inconveniences anyone.  I figured we have the online reader, so there really isn't any need for download links.  If this update really irritates people, please feel free to email me and tell me otherwise.

Thanks for being the wonderful readers you are!


(P.S. Sorry, there are no new releases at this time. =_=;)


  1. That sucks. D:
    I use CDisplayEx to read offline (no loading times).

    But I do understand how much of a pain it is to keep uploading files all the time. >__<

  2. well...I don't really like to use readers but I understand your decision! Take care!


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