Thinking of Summer

Ahhh, I'm pretending that the Nor'easter going on outside my window is really just a nice warm breeze and the birds are chirping away.  Soooo close and yet it feels so far away. T_T  What do you guys do when it's cold and snowy?  I envy everyone who lives in warmer climates...

By the way, is anyone going to see Beauty and the Beast this weekend??  It looks so good as a live action!  Brings back memories of my childhood.  It was the first Disney movie we owned.  Man, life was so simple and easy as a kid.  Being an adult stinks at times. >_<

New Releases!!
Para Paru v07c35
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Para Paru v07c36
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  1. Thank you for all of your work!
    haven't seen it yet but it does look good!!


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