Questions & Answers

Question: How long has FG been around?
Answer: About 9 or 10 years now. (Honestly, I can't remember...)

Question: How can I request a certian manga to be worked on?
Answer: Ask us and you may be surprised.  ^_-

Question: What kind of manga does FG work on?
Answer: Any kind as long as it's not Yuri or Yaoi. (Sorry, it's not my thing.)

Question: If the download link doesn't work anymore, can you fix it?
Answer: Yes, but I'll probably just direct you to the online reader.  It's a pain to constantly upload links when we have a perfectly good online reader.

Question: How can I be an FG member?
Answer: Email us and we'd be glad to have you.  No experience needed, just Adobe Photoshop.

NOTE: This was kind of a random post.  Should anyone have any questions to add, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer them. ^^

Latest Releases!!
Para Paru v09C45 **FINAL CHAPTER!**
Download Here!
Piece v06c13
Download Here!


  1. YESSS! Thank you for all of your your time & hard work that went into fully scanlating Paru Paru!!! FG rocks!

  2. Thank you for completing Para Paru! ;____; And another Piece chapter too! Your hard work is always appreciated. :D

  3. Thanks for your hard work!! I love Piece <3


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