Ohhh, the joys of moving.  I do like starting fresh and a change of pace, but man you never realize how much "crap" you or your family collects as the years go on.  I live with my parents and brother and boy do we have a lot of CRAP.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  I live at home still, but I'm not a lazy millennial that you hear about.  It's just too stinking expensive to live on your own and as your parents age you realize how much help they need.  One day you're doing your thing and just happen to take a good look at them and POW it's like they've aged 20 years!  Where does the time go???
    Well, as I stated, I'm in the middle of moving so there won't be 4 chapters released this month or probably next month.  I'm fortunate that I got these two out. 💀 Please bare with me until we're all settled into the new house and then I can whip out more chapters again.

Thanks for your patience!

New Releases!!
Watashi-tachi no Himitsu Jijou v03c10
Ano Ko to Issho v10c39


  1. Nothing wrong with staying with your just makes more economical sense~

  2. Good luck moving!! One of the reasons why I don't want to change jobs - too much of a hassle moving around. I wished I could stay closer to my parents' place as well - they will need your help sooner or later ... You're such a great daughter!!

  3. Good luck with your moving!
    Thank you for the new chapters!
    Take care!


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