MangaDex did an interview with me about our group.  If you'd like to read it, please head on over to the link posted below.  I've never done an interview before about scanlating.  It's nice to get a little recognition for our little group and to know that others enjoy the manga we work on too.  Hope you guys enjoy the interview!

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  1. Just finished reading your interview and I loved it. Reading it felt so nostalgic. I discovered your group around 2011 when I started reading Otomentaru. Since then, I read many other of your projects but I gotta say my favorite is and will always be "Issho ni Neyou yo". I will always be so gratefull to you for scanlating this amazing manga.
    I'm so glad that you guys are still around after so many years when many other groups have vasnished without saying goodbye.
    I'm sorry, I know that's pretty selfish but I hope you'll still be around for a long time. I guess I just hate goodbyes.
    Keep up the great work and again thank you so much for everything.

  2. Cool interview! it's a great idea!
    Thank you for all of your work!

  3. Such a wonderful interview!!! So proud of you ladies for all that you have done!


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