Invaded by Cheetah

Our sweet little Rikka is turning 19 today - it's the last year of your teens! We all hope that you have a fantastic day and that people will know that your birthday gift and your xmas gift should be TWO SEPARATE GIFTS! (Or at least one really awesome gift!)
We would also like to welcome to the team two new translators~ & Claer!!
Welcome welcome welcome!!! XDD

So now we just need a couple more editors/cleaners/typesetters and we'd be sitting pretty. So join join join!!!
Also we have a poll up - I know that some of you like mediafire, while others enjoy 4shared.  I just wanted to know the majority's preference. Personally I like 4shared because they've yet to delete any of my files where with mediafire I have had files go missing.  But mediafire doesn't have the wait that 4shared has (20-40 seconds). 
Random words of wisdom - Don't "punish" a 4 year old by putting him into his room without taking out the markers and crayons that reside in there.  Believe me the punishment will not be theirs...=.=

And release!

Daisy Luck v02 c05 - I love this sassy couple!
My post has been invaded by these dudes - cute or annoying...


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