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    So I came across this manga Ao Haru Ride and the best thing about it is that I bought it on my ipad! For all those manga lovers who prefer to read them in Japanese I found emanga!! XD Japan is surprisingly behind on the ebook thing and most manga lovers out there know how expensive it is to ship manga overseas. Most of the sites I've found for Japanese ebooks out there don't take American credit cards or you need a Japanese address. However, I recently stumbled across ebookjapan.jp. It has thousands of I digital manga titles and even has it's own manga ereader app. The best thing about the site is that it takes American credit cards without a Japanese address! Long gone are the days of paying $20 just for shipping. As a forewarning thought, the site is all in Japanese and so is the ereader, but I'm sure if you're buying manga in Japanese you can read it as well. When you purchase the manga too you'll be charged an overseas currency charge but it's only like $.12. So have fun with it, I know I am!!

Colorful Pallet update!
Download Here! // READ ONLINE


  1. Thank you for the release!
    Thank you for the info but I don't know how to read japanese and if I did I would buy the real books...I'm not a fan of ebooks...but thank you! :D

  2. You can find the real books (in Japanese) at http://www.kinokuniya.com/


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