My Manga Reading List 1

Taiyou no Ie
By: Taamo
    So I'm currently in love with this series.  There are a total of 12 volumes and I'm only missing the last one.  It's just a really cute, innocent story about a girl named Mao who moves in with her old childhood neighbor, Hiro.  There's no sex or anything and it's just well written in my opinion.  The art work is also well drawn.  I love stories that center around a love interest and the other party is clueless.  I'm such a sap for love stories. ^_^  It serialized in Desert and only just ended in Japan.  I highly recommend reading it if you can.  On the other hand, if you can't read Japanese I know it's being scanlated by Maigo.  Look into it if you like cute stories!

    FYI: If the chapters of Bitou Lollipop from volumes 6 and 7 aren't as crisp as they once were, it's because they're taken from the ebook versions.  Bitou Lollipop is currently out of print in Japan, so I had to use what was available.  It would have looked crisp if I'd left the pages at 900px, but it would have been too tiny to read online.  Please bare with us for the final two volumes. ^_^

Recent Releases!
Bitou Lollipop v05c24
Bitou Lollipop v06c25


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