My Manga Reading List 2

Hirunaka no Ryuusei
By:  Mika Yamamori
    This is currently my new favorite series.  It's about a girl named Suzume who moves in with her uncle in Tokyo while her parents are away overseas.  It follows her change from country life to city life and all the new friends and crushes she develops along the way.  One of those crushes is a teacher who happens to be a friend of her uncle!  The series has really nice artwork and the storyline is good too.  I love how the artist draws hair.  I myself always had a hard time with hair, too many styles and ways to draw hair.  
    Any who, this is a great coming of age story if you're into the shoujo genre.  It serialized in the magazine Margaret and only just ended in Japan with a total of 12 volumes.  I own all 12 volumes and highly recommend this series!

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    Seems interesting! I will try to find it in english!


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