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Gintama Movie!

Oh, my word!  Has anyone else heard of the Gintama live action movie coming out this July 14???  The trailer for it looks pretty good.  I love the anime (never read the manga much though).  Unfortunately, it's only for Japan (of course), so hopefully someone will upload it to youtube or something.  I'm disappointed in Crunchyroll.  For an app that is dedicated to anime and dramas where on earth are all the Jdramas?????  I mean, don't get me wrong they do have some, but not many and some of them are lame.  I understand that Japanese licensing is tough to get, it's just disappointing when you see ads for really good looking dramas and you can't watch them. T_T  Am I wrong here?  Does anyone else know a good way to watch jdramas?

    All well, on with the latest uploads!  Sorry for the long wait guys.  Sanakan and I have been working really hard to get these chapters out for you.  So without further adieu I present 3 (yes, 3) chapters of Para Paru!   Also, we'…