The Stare Down.

So, during the Black Friday madness, I found myself hugging a Leapster platform staring down a glaring 40 year old woman that was "slyly" moving all the products closer and closer to herself while the clock was ticking down (up?) to midnight.  As the bell hit and she haughtily reached for the Leapser that was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, I snatched it and ran in the opposite direction.  Eat it Leapster-lady.

We're recruiting, so if you have any translating or editing skills please apply!!

Bitou Lollipop volume 01 chapter 04 - Today we bring our new project Bitou Lollipop which is a joint with Stiletto Heels.  So thanks to Stiletto and Hats!  "I felt something hard…" Tee-hee!! (Okay, I'll put my 13 year old self away now…)

Yasashii Te chapter 02 (version 02) - The second chapter. It's a cute little story - how can you say no to a cute hard-working committee pair?

Also, we have an upcoming new project that we are currently working on - Issho ni Neyou yo - look forward to it!


  1. Thanks for the releases!

  2. Thanks for the release! You guys have been working very hard! :D

  3. Thank you for the new chapters!

  4. Sorry for my ignorance...but, may I ask what a Leapster is? lol~

  5. lol~ it's like an educational handheld gaming device :)

  6. LOL that Leapster story is hilarious. Glad I'm not into Black Friday or else you would've PWN'd me!


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