Super Happy Halloween Release!!

Here is your... Super Happy Late Halloween Release!!!!!

Hi everyone!!

I know it's a little bit late... but I'm sure everyone's happy for a wonderful Halloween present!!

Before we get to the new releases...
I'd like to welcome to our FANTASTIC team a new...

CHINESE TRANSLATOR Welcome to the team snowlight!

Also, we have a new...

QCER Welcome to the team gisaku-chan!

Plus, please remember. We are STILL RECRUITING TRANSLATORS! If you would like to come help out with some series, please apply! We're always looking for more people to come help pump out some chapters! More team members = more manga!!

And now... the moment you have all been waiting for....


First! Makin' Purple Chapter 3 (End) - A Joint with Rebellious Love

This makes FG's 7th completed project! Hooray for Forbidden Garden!
Please thank jojo_da_crow, suki-sama, sekushibijin84, Mizi, donyusufahmed, Starlightdreams, Jas, urdzy, SomeoneElse, and onepride18 for all their hard work on this project!!

I know you've all been waiting for the next chapter to this spooky crazy series, so here it is. Thanks to everyone who worked on it!

And remember... releases are in the releases section.
Hope everyone had an AWESOME Halloween!!!


  1. Thank you all very much for the releases. :)

  2. Thanks for scanning Para Paru!

  3. thanks so much for those releases!

  4. Hooray! More Para Paru! Thank you so much!


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